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#4 Halloween

Hello all of you!

Halloween was a blast! I went trick or treating with a whole group. I dressed up as Belgian waffle 🙂 we didn’t have school the 31st of October or the 1st of November. The night before Halloween the school organized a “big” bonfire. Big in Alaskan terms at least. Everyone dressed up and there was music and snacks. One girl, Mary, taught me how to dance the way they do in Footloose. It was a really fun night. Then the next night I went trick or treating with the nicest people. They made sure that I had a real American Halloween. That means two twings: eat as much candy as you can and 2 : throw eggs and squirt shaving cream wherever you can. Not really sure whether this is an Alaskan or American thing, though…

My friend, Duncan had a very interesting way of spending his halloween night. He drove around town and threw potatoes at all the trick or treaters. Of course we couldn’t let him get away with it so let’s just say that at the end of the night his car was covered with mashed potatoes. But he is a really nice guy so after the war was over we all went to someone’s house and watched Carrie.I also helped my host aunt with decorating the fire hall. As a thank you I got this popcorn brain which apparently is a big thing here.

This weekend a group of people from Ketchikan (an other island) came over. Most of them were from the same church as my family, and they organized a huge early thanksgiving dinner at our church. It was fun meeting some new people. The same night there was a concert in the school auditorium. There are so many talented people here!

Oh I also helped with this thing called the zombie run. It’s a Halloween run from about 5 miles. Some friends and I dressed up as zombies and scared the runners.

There happened a lot more but I’ll tell more things some other time 🙂

American hugs

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