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#3 – Time flies

Hello my Belgian friends

We are 2 weeks further, it feels like the time is flying here.
Last week I played my first volleyball games .. We won all of them! We played Thursday and Friday. Friday there we’re 4 games. It took the whole evening, but it was fun. You can buy nachos and popcorn and everyone dresses up in the school colors. Tonight (Friday) there’s another game against Klawock, that’s a school in the neighborhood and there’s an exchange student from Spain who plays there. I’m super happy I get to see her again tonight.

Last weekend it were regions for cross country. To get in the spirit for such a big sport event the school organizes a spirit week; you need to dress up in a certain theme every day. The themes we’re:
– Classcolors (red and pink for the sophomores)
– Way back Wednesday (everything before 2000)
– And black out. (Everything black, it looked kind off like a funeral)

At the end of the week there was an assembly in the gym. All the cross country runners needed to run an obstacle course and the staff would throw dodge balls at them. When you got hit, you needed to start over. It was really funny to see.

At the beginning of this week we skyped with a guy who is in the hospital, because it was his 18th birthday. At the end of august his best friend accidentally shot him while they were cleaning guns. Since there are no hospitals here he needed to go all the way to Seattle. His life isn’t in danger anymore but it’s not sure yet when he’ll be able to come back home. It was super emotional and I really hope he’ll be better soon.

It’s starting to get dark pretty early here. Yesterday after volleyball practice I was waiting outside for my ride home, when a man came to warn me about a bear that was wandering around at the parking lot. Welcome to Alaskan schools you guys.

That we’re the most interesting things that happened over the last two weeks.
I’ll write again soon.

See ya!

Peace and out

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