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#1 – Hello, I’m Kate!

Hello Smiksers!

I’m Kate and as most of you know I’ll be living the life of an exchange student in Alaska for the next 6 months. I’m going to a school in a small town called Prince of Wales. This dreamy town hosts probably less people than there are pupils at Smiks.

Alaska is the biggest state of all 50 states by area. Strangely enough, its population does not even reach a million people so people sometimes don’t have neighbours for miles around. It doesn’t come as a surprise that my school is not that big but that’s fine.  The school is very nice and very American. We’re called The Craig Panthers and our school colours are green and gold. There is a long hallway with hundreds of lockers and the rumours are true, they’re impossible to open! luckily, one of the seniors showed me a trick to keep it open all the time without anyone ever knowing.

In my all American school we also have an auditorium where they show some movies during the weekends. We also have a library and a cafetaria with lunch ladies.  On Monday there will be a parent-student meeting about the sports and I’m excited because I’ll be playing volleyball because there are a lot of trips that come with playing sports. My school starts officially on 5th September so … I’ll keep you posted!

All American hugs, 

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