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#2 – First week of school

Hello there

I am happy to tell you that I completed my first week of high school successfully. The schools here are a lot different than in Belgium. You only have 5 subjects, and instead of a weekly schedule you have a daily schedule. That means you have the same 5 subjects every day of the week. Here’s my schedule:
1. Physics
Breakfast break*
2. Seals (south east Alaskan lifestyle studies)
3. American literature
4. Video production
5. Precalculus (math)
6. Choir
7. Ceramics.
*they serve breakfast at school. This could be pancakes or cereal or yoghurt.

If you think physics in Belgium is too easy, you should try it in English. If you want a little taste of that, here’s a picture of one of the 940 pages of my textbook.

The teachers here are super sweet. Everything’s less strict. By example: you can eat in class. Whatever you want. I’ve seen people walk in with huge bags of popcorn or a whole box with cereal. Nobody comes in the first class without coffee or a smoothie.
After school I have volleyball practice. The practice lasts 2 hours and it is every single day. Since this is an island, I need to take a plane to travel for my games. Which I find awesome cause this way I can see more from Alaska.

The clothing style here is very funny. I’ve seen multiple students show up with no shoes, or birkenstocks with socks. Half of the students just wear their Pyjamas. Except for fridays, then you need to wear the school colors (green and gold). Not everybody does this but I think it’s fun.

That was it for this time. I’ll give another update later!

See ya!

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