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Kate in Alaska

Hello all of you! Halloween was a blast! I went trick or treating with a whole group. I dressed up as Belgian waffle 🙂 we didn’t have school the 31st of October or the 1st of November. The night before Halloween the school organized a “big” bonfire. Big in Alaskan terms at least. Everyone dressed up and there was music […]
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Hello my Belgian friends We are 2 weeks further, it feels like the time is flying here. Last week I played my first volleyball games .. We won all of them! We played Thursday and Friday. Friday there we’re 4 games. It took the whole evening, but it was fun. You can buy nachos and popcorn and everyone dresses up […]
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Hello there I am happy to tell you that I completed my first week of high school successfully. The schools here are a lot different than in Belgium. You only have 5 subjects, and instead of a weekly schedule you have a daily schedule. That means you have the same 5 subjects every day of the week. Here’s my schedule: […]
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Hello Smiksers! I’m Kate and as most of you know I’ll be living the life of an exchange student in Alaska for the next 6 months. I’m going to a school in a small town called Prince of Wales. This dreamy town hosts probably less people than there are pupils at Smiks. Alaska is the biggest state of all 50 […]
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